Leanlands is solving sustainability issues in the  domestic food and agribusiness markets. Our farmers adopt climate smart agricultural practices as well as fair labor practices. We supply the farm inputs, supervise the production process to ensure pesticides and herbicides use is according to international standards . We also provide financing to our farmers and train them on climate smart agriculture as well as profible production models. 

The current agriculture systems in the Continent are unsustainable and plagued by inefficiencies that lead to ecological degradation.The most vulnerable sector to climate change contributes 17% of total emissions directly through agricultural activities & an additional 14% through land-use changes.Climate change will reduce crop production by up to 40%  which will degrade  farmers livelihoods, create food security challenges and  causing further land degradation  in pursuit of higher yields. Smallholder farmers make up 70% of producers and live in rural areas with 400 million of them living in poverty. To create  sustainable food systems, we must adopt holistic solutions that address the challenges across the value chains. 

A multifaceted strategy to profitably tackle the food and agribusiness sustainability strategy. 

Sustainable, Profitable & Climate Smart Farming
Farm inputs and Working Capital Financing
Safe, high quality food for improved nutrition
Reliable, Affordable, Fresh Produce Sourcing

100% Fresh and Organic Premium Quality